Biggest Makeup “Hell No” of all Times!!

Now I am normally the type of girl that has only two or three trusted mascara’s in her life! But since I was running out and with it being so close to Christmas, I decided to have a little hunt through my emergency mascara’s. These are the mascara’s that have been in my wardrobe collecting dust for god knows how long..

I find this little beauty under all the old dried out ones and decide to give it a go, since this morning I wasn’t really feeling the 10 year old boy look. 

I thought it was a little beauty, until tonight. The dreaded makeup removal stage, this has to be the second worst thing about being a girl! 

Foundation removed, eyebrows removed. Then I got to my mascara… well let me just say 5 makeup remover wipes later and the Simples eye makeup remover that takes waterproof mascara off (3 cotton pads of that stuff!) and the stupid thing still hasn’t come off! 

So I’m sat in front of my mirror, tears streaming down my face because I’ve got so much makeup remover in my eyeballs, and this mascara is still stuck to my eyelashes! It is honestly like glue… HELP!!! 

Ladies, word of advise, if you want to keep your little lashes that you have without mascara on, if you’re like me and have pretty much none as it is, I would recommend you NOT buy the MaxFactor, False Lash Effect in black brown.


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