All You Students Will Know This Feeling! 

I always get way too excited about going home! Especially over Christmas. But I’m sure every student feels the same as I do, unless you don’t get along with your parents then maybe not…

When I go home it’s like a holiday, vacation for all the American’s reading this. It is the best feeling ever going to a house that actually smells nice in every room! (even the bathroom!) It’s always so peaceful and you get cuppa’s and hot chocolate as if they are on tap!! I wish! Perfection. 

Let me just ask all you students a question.

How come whenever we wash our clothes/bedding etc it still smells like crap? Yet when our parents wash our stuff it’s like, as I quote from Joey Tribiani on friends “Well, it’s like summer in a bowl!” I even use the same detergent as my mum, yet it smells completely different… Am I doing something wrong.

But on a serious note now, the thing I really enjoy the most about going home is seeing my little brother. He means the absolute world to me! If anyone has a brother or sister whether they are older or younger will understand the love. Yes, he’s a monster 99.99% of the time, but he’s my little monster! And I wouldn’t change him for the world. 


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