2017 Must Have Fragrance!

Now this Christmas I got two perfumes, my usual, Alien and a whole new fragrance that I wouldn’t personally pick myself.

When it comes to perfume I’m very picky as to the smell. My usual fragrances are more fruity and sweet. Very girly, I know…

Marc Jacobs, Decadence is most definitely not something I would even pick up in a shop, but I am impressed by my boyfriend’s sense of smell. 

This is very vanilla-like and has quite a rustic smell to it also. It doesn’t smell like old ladies which is ALWAYS a bonus! It’s hard to really describe through writing, but it’s one of those fragrances  where once you smell it the one time, you can’t seem to put it down! 

The bottle is a little too big for my likings, don’t get me started on the chain attached to it. It is an absolute pain to get into a night out bag or even a small day bag! The lid does not come out with me in these cases, I need the extra space for my lipstick you know! I really wish they’d create a travel sized one. 

But apart from that it is one of, in my opinion, the best fragrances out there! You’re missing out if you don’t buy it!


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