Where Have You Been All My Life?! 

So I’ve been trying to get a make-up brush set that has the exact brushes I need for around 3 months now, I seemed to have no luck at all! I was starting to get fed up of hearing the same “sorry we don’t sell them brushes…” But I have finally found the brush set that I now can’t live without!

Eco tools are amazing brushes! They are eco friendly, cruelty free and vegan and all their brushes are made with recycled bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant in the world! You would think that because they are recycled that they won’t be soft… But I’ve had many makeup brushes, and these have to be one of the softest! And what’s even better is the makeup doesn’t stick to the brush when applying… Success!! And they take seconds to clean, double success!!

Next time you go out shopping I suggest you go ahead and purchase these. Just do it! They’re only £16.99! Bargain, I know!

 You get 5 brushes and they come with a super cute brush bag, which is also made from recycled materials! You get a highlighting fan, angled blush brush, pointed concealer brush, detailed lip liner brush and an eyeshadow brush. 


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