My Daily Makeup Routine.

I know that everyone does these kind of blogs, but I thought I would share my daily routine. I have the skin of a babies bottom, I cannot wear products that have too much talc in it or I’ll get all blotchy and that sh*t is impossible to cover! 

Before I start my makeup routine I would like to clarify one thing, yes pretty much all of my products are mac, but that is because I have had these products since I was 16 and they have never failed to impress me!

Here is a step by step guide to putting my makeup on. Bearing in mind a lady from Mac told me to use these products, and I’ve used these religiously for 5 years now! 

So the first product is my Mac Studio Moisture Fix, the cost is £25.00 and is a 50ml bottle. This product lasts a long time as you only need to apply a tiny amount.

Mac Natural Radiance Base Lumiere is my next product I use. This is in the prep and prime selection and costs £30.00. I know it’s a little pricey but it is so worth the money and lasts for-ever, literally!

 My foundation is Mac Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW15, this has to be the best Mac foundation I’ve been told to use. It has the least talc in and has never caused any blotchiness or blemishes! The price is £23.50, the only problem with this bottle is that you have to buy a pump. So if you don’t like having to tip and shake the hell out of a bottle, then it is needed and costs an extra £4.50.

My concealer is Pro Longwear Concealer in the shade NW20, this is the best coverage out of all the Mac concealers. 
Next product is my Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium, I use this product to lightly contour my cheek bones, sassy af. This costs £24.50.

Final Mac product, cause I know you will all be sick of reading now… Is my FAVE just because it makes me look like a glitter unicorn!! *heart eye emoji* This little beauty is the mineralize skin finish in soft & gentle, and let me just say OMG It’s so worth £24.50!!

The brushes I use are my Real Techniques and Eco Tools, I will get into more detail about the Real Technique brushes in another blog sometime very soon! FYI I have already done a blog on Eco Tools, which I would check out if I was you… just saying!

One thing I’ve been told is to NEVER, EVER apply any makeup with your fingers as they have natural grease and can cause blemishes and can also spread them! Disaster, I know right?!


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