It’s Got to be The Best Breakfast Ever!!

I love going out for breakfast as I am a real foodie! I will try anything new and if I like it, well let’s just say the staff will know me very well!

I have been to this place before, but it has been recently taken over by a different manager! So it was originally called Love Rouge, but now it’s named Hattie’s, which I think is a super cute name!  It is in Headingley in Leeds and I must say is the best breakfast, and lunch actually, place to go to! 

I decided to take my boyfriend this morning since he had never been before! We had the most delish food, all freshly made and not badly priced either. So I had Summer Fruits Pancakes and the boyf had Eggs Royale, I’m more of a sweet breakfast kind of girl and Jake is a savoury! 

For tea we both got the same, he always likes to copy off my choices! It was called chai tea, it was infused with Jasmine, Ginger and Vanilla! I love my herbal teas, so this was a great drink to have. It wasn’t too overpowering with ginger, I hate ginger but thought I’d give it a go since I LOVE vanilla!

If you are around Leeds I would recommend going there! It’s the cutest little cafe, it has a very hipster/student vibe and the staff are so welcoming and friendly!


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