‘My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard’

I really don’t know where to start with this product… it is good enough to eat, literally! I almost ‘accidentally’ put a bit in my mouth when I first tried it because the smell was that good.

It’s like heaven in a bottle, like pouring a full glass of vanilla milkshake on your head. Living the dream there aren’t you?

It gets better too. So this was actually a set I got for Christmas, I just left the conditioner at my mums house by mistake! I get it every Christmas because my mum knows I’m obsessed and if I run out of mine I’ll go to hers to steal the last little bit she has left. She started this obsession so why should she stop?! 

Anyway, back on track. So there is two different sets you can get, I’ve had both, the first is a shampoo and leave in spray conditioner. The second is a bigger set where it includes a shampoo, conditioner and a milkshake tangle teaser, which let me just say goes perfect with the leave in conditioner. It leaves your hair extra sleek and smooth if you use all four at once. 

The sets are not online but they are sold in selected hair salons. The shampoo is called milkshake integrity at 300ml and costs £15.39. The conditioner is also integrity at 300ml and costs £16.49. The leave in conditioner is called incredible milk and costs £7.19, this product works wonders. Unfortunately the brush only comes in the set, so if you want the brush, you have to find a set.

I have also had a little look on their website and it states that each individual products in the sets are product of the month! 

Let me just ask you one question, who can say no to having vanilla milkshake hair? It gets people’s attention I can tell you that for sure. My boyfriend calls me milkshake head, is that cause I’m so obsessed? Oops.

I will put the link to their website below so you can have a little look at the products. 


Your milkshake will bring the boys to the yard for sure!


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