My Peaceful Place

A lot of you have your very own peaceful places, right? A place where you feel most comfortable, a place where you forget about everything for that short period of time you are there for. That one place that almost feels as good as home.

Well I have finally found mine, after years of searching! 

My parents recently moved by the coast, but with me being at university I’ve never really had a chance to properly explore. Now that I am finished I have had more time to see what their little town has in store for me.

And it is located right on the beach! Score! Well unless it’s raining… Or snowing…

This beach is very important to me. My Grandad’s ashes are actually on this beach, he has his own bench with his name on! And I feel like a little piece of me connects to this beach because of that. I have never been on a beach before where my whole head completely clears of all negativity and doubt I have and makes me think of the most positive things. 

I never go to the beach on my own though as I want to share this experience with my family and I can’t ever forget my dogs! They love this place just as much as I do. 

If you don’t have your own little special place like I do, I would highly recommend searching around for one! Because even on your worst days you can visit there and forget about everything for just a couple of hours! #FindThatPeacefulPlace 

But if you do then my work here is done! And also don’t ever lose it. Ever.


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