How Time Flies!

So one year ago this month is when I went to America on my own for three months to work in a disabled camp caring for vulnerable children and adults. Which may I say has been one of the most amazing experiences of my whole 21 years!

I was heart broken when I realised I couldn’t go back again this year due to exams for my final year of university. I would of done this experience all over again if I could have! I would honestly recommend it to everyone, I’m serious. Put it on your bucket list. And no excuses! 

These campers have made me realise how precious life is and how easy it can be taken away from you! Many campers were very close to the end of their lives and came to camp to be in their peaceful place, to have fun for one last time and to be able to bond with other children or adults with their conditions. Every single camper that I had cared for were an absolute inspiration to me, they were the reason I got out of bed at 5AM every morning, and I mean EVERY morning!

They have left a huge mark on my heart and I will never forget them, I know every name, age and condition and also the reason they made that place in my heart. I have a few letters too from parents thanking me for the work I have done, and not just for being their councillor, but also being their friend, or some like the sister they never had. 

Working in a disabled camp has completely changed my life and I wouldn’t change the experience for the world! I’m missing my little angels a lot and hope to see them again soon when I re-visit for another season at Camp K! #ChangeALife 


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